New podcast series: Supply chain management research developments

The research produced at universities has the potential to improve business processes, yielding higher returns for companies and better products for customers. Every discipline has its top tier journals that winnow through new papers to find the most promising work, subject findings to rigorous per review, then publish the best. The journals are efficient filters, but too often the gems they uncover do not make the transition into practice because their readers are other academics and the articles themselves are difficult to read. Supply Chain Management Professor Craig Carter explains that the evolution of ideas accelerates when academics read the work of others in the journals and are inspired to explore the questions new work uncovers. And, research moves into companies via students who benefit from the leading edge knowledge that professors build into curriculum. But those are indirect connections to the world of work and commerce. Making direct contact with working managers is still difficult. That’s the problem Carter hopes to address with a new podcast series. Carter co-edits the Journal of Supply Chain Management — the top tier journal for the discipline — with Lisa Ellram of Miami University and Chad Autry of the University of Tennessee Knoxville. This year, the journal launched a series of podcasts based on a selection of the articles published in each quarterly issue of the journal. The 60 Second Supply Chain Manager delivers short accounts of actionable research findings in plain language. The voice talent is a supply chain management doctoral student at the W. P. Carey School of Business, Zachary Rogers. “This is a real opportunity to get the Journal of Supply Chain Management into the hands of managers and practitioners,” Carter said. “We understand that they don’t have time to read scholarly articles. We want to make it as easy as possible for them.” The Institute for Supply Chain Management, which sponsors the Journal of Supply Chain Management, is hosting the podcasts.  The first four are:
  • The blame game — preserve brand loyalty during product delays
  • Go green
  • Balance of Power — quality supplier relationships
  • Sustainability initiatives and your suppliers
New podcasts will be posted with each new issue of the journal.

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