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Today’s leaders need clarity the most, 2020 Executive of the Year says

Chairman, President, and CEO of Carlisle Companies Incorporated D. Christian 'Chris' Koch describes the power of clarity in a crisis at the Economic Club of Phoenix event honoring him.

Hear from successful real estate entrepreneur

Jerry Coleman, co-founder of several Arizona real estate businesses, keynotes ASU event honoring him for Spirit of Enterprise Award.

How the pandemic is forging a new consensus on globalization

COVID-19 has led Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management Adegoke Oke to overhaul his lesson plan to include resiliency in addition to efficiency.

Experts suggest sticking to certain industries for holiday jobs amid the pandemic

Typically, the holiday season adds jobs to the workforce as companies hire extra employees to serve more shoppers and keep up with demand. This Christmas, it's anything but routine with COVID-19. That's why Supply Chain Management Professor of Practice Hitendra Chaturvedi suggests looking for jobs that are prospering in the pandemic.

Can e-commerce save retail?

Professor of Marketing Ruth Bolton shares why digital technologies alone can't rescue retail. She explains that companies must integrate the digital, physical, and social aspects of shopping to satisfy the majority of their customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.