Martin Luther King Jr. was many things: minister, activist, civil rights leader, speaker extraordinaire, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. But few would see him as a great model for business leaders.

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The chart that shows the financial peril facing federal workers

Professor of Economics and Rondthaler Chair Daniel Silverman and his co-authors found that a vast majority of government employees don’t have enough money in the bank to cover expenses for two weeks.

ASU’s W. P. Carey School gets $25M infusion from namesake foundation

The new gift will go toward career support services and to recruiting prominent professors and researchers as endowed academic chairs.

W. P. Carey Foundation makes big gift to ASU business school

The $25 million donation will be shared two ways: approximately $15 million toward enhancing the amount and quality of career resources and $10 million to recruit prominent professors and researchers as endowed academic chairs.

W.P. Carey Foundation gives another big gift to ASU business school — $25 million

William Polk Carey gave $50 million in 2003 to rename the College of Business after himself. Now, seven years after his death and 15 years since the first donation, his foundation is giving the school another $25 million.

W. P. Carey Foundation and ASU announce $50 million campaign for W. P. Carey School of Business

Initial campaign donation from W. P. Carey Foundation to be dedicated to career services and recruiting world-class faculty.