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We know medical error is a deadly problem. Why haven’t we fixed it?

It's the 20th anniversary of the report by the Institute of Medicine that uncovered up to 100,000 people were dying annually from preventable medical errors. Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Margaret Luciano explains why it's still more dangerous two decades later to get a medical procedure than to go sky diving.

Social media savvy paves way for successful shopping season

Associate Professor of Information Systems Kevin Hong shares how small businesses can use online platforms this holiday.

Information systems professor is appointed journal editorship

Associate Professor John Zhang is the new senior editor in the Disruptive Technologies and Operations Management Department of the Production and Operations Journal (POMJ).

How Amazon's new Scottsdale bookstore fits into the business model

To understand the brick-and-mortar opening, you have to first understand the online retail giant's bigger strategy, according to Supply Chain Management Professor Hitendra Chaturvedi.

2019 Economic Forecast Luncheon

National and local speakers unveil what’s in store for the year ahead.