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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experience worldwide outage

The Facebook testimony occurred a day after Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all experienced a worldwide shutdown. To learn more about what happened and talk about concerns over how dependent the world seems to be on Facebook, Arizona PBS spoke to an ASU information systems expert.

Phoenix is thriving. Here's why

A deep dive into Phoenix's burgeoning economy and growing real estate market shows the Valley is an attractive location for all types of investors.

Small businesses left vulnerable to broken supply chain

Although the holiday shopping season hasn't started, goods we rely on are stuck at sea as container ships wait in record numbers to deliver products to U.S. ports, hurting small businesses.

Northern Trust Chief Economist Named Most Accurate Forecaster

Carl Tannenbaum to share 2022 predictions and accept the Lawrence R. Klein Award at Oct. 11 virtual event.

A report from ASU says the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill could mean more than $115B for Arizona

A new report by ASU’s Seidman Research Institute that was led by economist Dennis Hoffman shows that if the $3.5 trillion is implemented, Arizona’s economy would be helped significantly.