Engineering business success

Ian Wilson always wanted to be an engineer. But after culminating extensive experience in the design and analysis of high reliability mechanical systems, he entered a role where he’d need more than engineering expertise to excel.

"Since joining Microsemi Corp. I have worked as the lead mechanical engineer on several power supply programs for advanced satellite and flight-critical aviation systems,” he explains. "Now with a supporting role in business development, I need the tools to properly determine, quantify, and explain the prospects worth pursuing."

Reaching the next level

That's why Ian decided to pursue his EMBA at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business. The program has provided him with an opportunity to learn the language of business, as well as leverage a network of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and real-life perspectives on application. "I know that I am getting a great education and building a strong network of friends," he says. "Furthermore, a larger school has the benefit that alumni of ASU and W. P. Carey are everywhere." The EMBA will be his third degree from Arizona State University, after his BSE and MSE in mechanical engineering. 

Ian was initially worried about returning to ASU for a third degree program, and looked into several other schools. But in the end, he decided the opportunity at W. P. Carey was the best fit. "The W. P. Carey School of Business is such a great brand that I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to attend," he says, "and my experience in the W. P. Carey EMBA program has made it clear that my decision to attend ASU was correct."

Balancing life, school, and a career

Ian says EMBA classwork has been immediately applicable to his career, and support services provided by the program have been a tremendous relief — especially when the stress of classes, work, and life threaten to overwhelm him and his fellow EMBA students. Moreover, the biweekly course schedule has made it possible to return to school without interfering with Ian's business travel (or the fact that he resides outside of Arizona in Southern California).

Commuting to learn is popular among W. P. Carey Executive MBA students, because of the program’s convenience, flexibility, and high-touch support services. "It may seem like as a commuter you will miss out on many benefits of the EMBA program, but even those who live in Phoenix have roles and responsibilities which often require travel," he says. "The staff and professors really work to provide opportunities to everyone enrolled, regardless of physical location or job responsibilities."

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