Student entrepreneurs level up in Silicon Valley

Based in Silicon Valley, the ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator program champions student visionaries with changemaking ideas. ASU student Courteney Real took a risk on the experience, and emerged ready to change the world.

The ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator program champions changemaking ideas, and, more importantly, the student visionaries behind them. For W. P. Carey student Courteney Real, embarking upon the residential experience was a big decision with an even bigger payoff.

“It would have been very easy to coast through my last year at Arizona State University,” she says, “but I decided to take a risk to try something new.”

Students in the ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator program spend the summer living and learning in Silicon Valley. The leading innovation hub is an ideal place to experience entrepreneurship, offering unmatched exposure to incredible causes, companies, and captains of industry.

“Hearing from some of the world's best entrepreneurs, I have seen firsthand how they are changing the world for the better,” Courteney says. “Attending the Female Founders Summit at Google Launchpad, the Draper Network CEO summit, and many other events showed me how powerful a network of entrepreneurs can be.”

“There are lots of people who are further along in their journeys of entrepreneurship that were excited to help or just give advice,” she adds. “This program taught me the value of having those kind of people in my life and that all you have to do is ask for help.”

In addition to the leading entrepreneurs and top venture capitalists Courteney met, the amazing classmates sharing in her experience became an ongoing source of inspiration. “They are the most driven group of people I have ever been around,” she says. “They challenged me to be a better version of myself every day.”

Courteney and fellow program participants earned class credit while building their businesses. They worked on projects with direct relevance to their short- and long-term goals. They grew as people and professionals. And when everything was said and done, they walked away with connections and knowledge that will continue to benefit them in the future.

The right tools and support redefine what’s possible. See how the ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator program can take your ideas and talent to the next level — in just one summer.

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