Hidden Uber costs? Drivers ask company to be more transparent with fees

While negative headlines about sexism haunt Uber, a new discrimination issue has arisen nationwide. According to drivers for the ridesharing app, it takes a higher percentage off their commission and uses a "best route" loophole to charge passengers more.

In this article from July 18, 2018, on Fox10:

Do I know for a fact that Uber is doing something with regard to price discrimination? No, but I would bet on it because they're able to do that and if you think about it, price discrimination is something that a lot of companies will use. Think about the airlines. If I want to buy an airline ticket at the last minute, I'm probably going to pay more, right? Ditto for maybe a concert. In the movie theaters, we typically offer discounts to infants or senior citizens. So, there is a decent history of price discrimination in this country, and that doesn't necessarily make it wrong.

Phil Simon, information systems lecturer and data and analytics expert