Retail technology provider Narvar raises $30 million in new funding

Online retailers have been focused on how to get consumers' attention and to click their calls to action, using strategies such as email and social media advertising. Except, it's post-purchase and delivery when things can go wrong.

According to experts, providing a seamless online shopping experience is becoming the best way for brands to stand apart from the ever-increasing competition. That's where retail technology provider Narvar enters. Its software helps brands — including Gap, Costco, and Levi's — enhance the online shopping experience, as well as keep retailers more informed about their customers, such as when they return items and how often.

In this article Aug. 28, 2018, on The Wall Street Journal :

It’s clever. You can really track what your customers are doing.

– Professor of Supply Chain Management Dale Rogers, who is the ON Semiconductor Professor of Business