New development could bring 300,000 residents to far West Valley

Douglas Ranch would include homes, a university, schools, retail, offices, parks, and more. Professor of Real Estate and Executive Director of the MRED program Mark Stapp shares what impact it will have on the area west of the White Tank Mountains.

In an article Jan. 30, 2019, on KJZZ 91.5:

As the East Valley has developed, it's beginning to run into its own physical limits. Development in the West Valley is considerably more desirable. When the South Mountain Freeway (Loop 202) opens up, that's going to have a profound effect on dispersing employment activities and making residential development more desirable on the west side. You have a substantial employment center that has existed and is emerging. It has traditionally been warehousing kinds of activities. Now you're getting more advanced manufacturing, you're getting more higher-wage-earning jobs as well. All of that begins to drive development. The projection going forward is some 27 to 30 percent of future growth is going to be in the West Valley.

Mark Stapp, executive director of the Master in Real Estate Development program and Fred E. Taylor Professor in Real Estate