For MBA students, business is personal at W. P. Carey

Ask any student in McCord Hall what has made their experience at W. P. Carey unique and I bet they will say “the people." That’s because at W. P. Carey, business is personal. Small classes, a dedicated student services team, and a culture of feedback and co-creation foster an environment where every student can thrive.

Here are some of our favorite stories from students about how the school embodies its mission every day, living up to its word that business is personal:

Elvis Diaz, Class of 2019

“I was amazed at how quickly (Full-time MBA Director John Wisneski) was able to remove/add courses we requested and update the orientation program for the next class. For W. P. Carey to take our feedback today and implement changes within the same year is amazing. I feel like I'm truly getting a program that's catered to me, the student, rather than the other way around.”

Olivia Simoes, Class of 2019

“I had a medical emergency and felt like everything was compounding at once. I was feeling so overwhelmed that I started crying in the Student Services office. Our student service support coordinator was extremely nice, hugged me, and gave me tissues. I know it’s silly, but I was so overwhelmed that this little act made the whole difference and helped me move on with my day.”

Shane Atha, Class of 2019

“My interaction with the W. P. Carey Career Services team has embodied the business is personal mindset here because throughout my entire MBA journey, the team has gotten to know me as a unique individual and help guide my future personal career goals. This one-on-one interaction has helped me develop a personal relationship with my career coach, who helped me gain the post-MBA job I was looking for.”

Andrew Nguyen, Class of 2020

“The students at the business school have made a conscious effort to make lives easier for one another. Whether it is hosting a review session or taking care of an injured classmate, the students care not only about each other's professional achievements, but they also care for each other's personal well-being.”

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