How to be a Net Investor at W. P. Carey

W. P. Carey is looking for Net Investors — students who want to engage with the MBA community and leave the program better off than they found it. Leading a club, mentoring students, and participating in curriculum focus groups are common ways that MBA students give back to W. P. Carey.

For MBA students, business is personal at W. P. Carey

Ask any student in McCord Hall what has made their experience at W. P. Carey unique and I bet they will say “the people." That’s because at W. P. Carey, business is personal.

Evaluating an Online MBA program

Online education comes in many shapes and forms and considering the time and money that goes into an MBA, you need to make sure you're investing in the right one. Here are some important questions you’ll want to consider before deciding where to get your online MBA.

How to: Prepare for b-school

When you apply for MBA programs, it's important to establish a plan of action. The application pool is highly competitive, completing the admissions process takes some time, and for many MBA hopefuls, there is a GMAT or GRE test in the immediate future.

The Outdoor Club goes indoors

For many MBA students, getting away from the classroom and connecting with fellow students is one of the biggest takeaways from the program. Find out more about how a student club is building bonds and a feeling of togetherness.

Going global

W. P. Carey MBA students have fantastic opportunities to participate in the international and off-campus programs, which broadens your exposure to business concepts outside the traditional classroom in a hands-on learning environment and adds value to your degree by distinguishing

Executive coaching sets the W. P. Carey MBA apart

An MBA program deepens your knowledge, builds new skills, and makes you a more effective leader. But there are things you can’t learn in a classroom, development that could help you go a long way in your career that you may not have access to over a two-year program.That’s why the W. P.

EMBA students explore innovation at Zappos

W. P. Carey EMBA students got a rare look behind the curtain at one of the most forward-thinking companies around, Zappos. "The most interesting aspect about our visit to me was that even after 17 years of operation they still have the charge of a start-up," says EMBA student Brian Long.

W. P. Carey launches Forward Focus MBA curriculum and scholarship

Arizona State University has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative universities in the U.S. One reflection of ASU's innovation has been a groundbreaking Full-time MBA curriculum within the W. P. Carey School of Business.