How to be a Net Investor at W. P. Carey

W. P. Carey is looking for Net Investors — students who want to engage with the MBA community and leave the program better off than they found it. Leading a club, mentoring students, and participating in curriculum focus groups are common ways that MBA students give back to W. P. Carey.

Each quarter, the MBA faculty and staff acknowledge two students as the quarterly Net Investors. In the second academic quarter of the 2018-19 year (Q2), Denise Napolitano and Caitlin Shyshlov (both Class of 2020) planned, paid for, and cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal for their classmates who wouldn’t be with family for the American holiday. Caitlin said, “I think it’s important to care about this program and the people in it. When you join the Full-Time program, you meet 200 amazing new people who become your W. P. Carey family.”

Miguel Martinez Gaspar received the award in Q3 for obtaining licenses and leading info sessions to teach his classmates how to use Llamasoft software for supply chain optimization. Miguel says, “Being a net investor means being humble, acknowledging how many gifts we have been given in life, and developing a habit of sharing the fruits of those gifts.”

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Instead of focusing on how the MBA will enhance your career, take a tip from recent Net Investors and consider thinking about how you can enhance the program.

1. Use Your unique skills

“Think about how you can contribute in a way that connects to your passions. For example, we have a classmate who is an artist and she has photographed students' headshots and taught painting classes. Other students have taught Excel classes or have tutored in specific courses where they personally did well.

“My background was in fundraising, so discussing class gift donations and promoting the endowment is in my wheelhouse. Think about your skills and how you can apply them in a unique way to be a value-add in the program.”

— Hayley Magerman, Class of 2019

2. Build community

“Being a Net Investor is about adding value to the W. P. Carey community. Be mindful of your classmates' needs and think about ways that the program can be enhanced if you met those needs. From day one of orientation, we are a part of tight-knit community. You can invest through any action that enhances the student experience; be it academic, professional, or social.”

— Denise Napolitano, Class of 2020

3. Focus on your peers’ success

“Within the MBA program, it's easy to be consumed by the constant stress of assignments, deadlines, job searches, social belonging, etc. and only worry about yourself. Being a Net Investor means showing interest in and committing energy to your peers' success as well. One of the things I did that still stands out for my classmates is offer review sessions at least once a week to help people catch up with some of the more difficult classes.

“I believe everyone succeeds when everyone succeeds, so I wanted to ensure that I did what I could to help everyone pass those classes. Your peers will appreciate the support, and so will W. P. Carey.”

— Jonathon Pena, Class of 2020

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