Student clubs are integral to the MBA experience

Joining a student club can be a pivotal part of your graduate school experience. Whether you are looking to connect with like-minded individuals, network with industry leaders, or give back to the community, W. P. Carey has something for everyone! Clubs for W. P. Carey Full-time MBA students are 100% student-run and can be created at any time. They typically fall into three categories: academic (e.g., Strategic Marketing Club), professional (e.g., Healthcare Club), and special interest clubs, such as StandOut or Spanish Club.

As the vice president of club relations for the Class of 2020, Julia Akselrud’s goal is to increase visibility and collaboration across different clubs and make sure they have all the resources they need to be successful. The Masters of Business Administration Association (MBAA) uses a portion of Full-time MBA students’ matriculation fees and other student fundraisers to fund club activities, which might include lunch & learns, social events, or networking nights. Julia and the MBAA help clubs develop their annual strategy and execute events throughout the year.

More than just good times

All clubs uphold three core values: Professional, academic, and social enhancement. It is always interesting to see the lines blur between categories. For example, the Improv Club was started in 2019 as a special interest club. While improv may not be a typical career path for MBA students, Julia says that through practicing improv, “Students learn how to manage conversations, captivate an audience, and be memorable in professional settings.”

One benefit of joining a club is to increase the breadth and depth of your MBA experience. “Your growth is about more than just the curriculum and the technical skills you will gain,” says Garrett Niederkorn, a 2019 graduate of the Full-time MBA program. “The transformation happens when you put yourself in this environment and learn how to connect authentically and establish meaningful relationships with people.”

Clubs also give students the opportunity to take on leadership roles. Not only will it enhance your resume and be an interesting talking point in interviews, but leading a club is also a great opportunity for personal development. You can practice your leadership skills in a safe space and get experience developing a strategy and managing projects.

If you are planning to join us on campus, check out our current list of MBA clubs. Pick one, two, or more and share your passions and experience with others! Don’t see one that fits your personality or interest? The MBAA always supports students in starting their own club. One to two new clubs are started each year when students feel like there is something missing from the program or they want to build a community around a shared passion.

Clubs are only part of the W. P. Carey experience

Our business is personal approach means getting to know your classmates, faculty, and the staff on a 1:1 level, and student organizations are only one small way you'll feel valued and valuable at W. P. Carey. Complete the form on this page to learn more about the W. P. Carey MBA and start your application!

Louise Hardman

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