Executive MBA students in classroom.

Executive MBA builds dynamic leaders in real time

The program's comprehensive business curriculum encourages students to make a difference in their organizations long before graduation.

From understanding strategic leadership styles to dilemmas in ethical decision-making to navigating management conflict and resolution, the W. P. Carey Executive MBA provides students in senior leadership roles with the unique opportunity to immediately implement skills learned in the classroom to their organizations.

"Participant-centered learning is at the core of what we do at W. P. Carey," says Rivadavia Drummond, clinical assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship. The recipient of the 2023 John W. Teets Outstanding Teacher Award, Drummond instructs the program's Innovation for Executives course. "Students are exposed to new concepts and theories to start discussing how to apply them in case studies and other experiential learning activities."

The curriculum is designed with a know–do–be framework that encourages students to master new knowledge, apply it, and reframe their perspective of the problem. The impact on their organizations is immediate, as students can apply their assignments directly to their professional responsibilities, including people management, projects, and budgeting. As a result, students change how they think, act, and lead.

"The real challenge is the final act: Groups of students choose a real arena of application to test their knowledge in the field," says Drummond of the program's capstone project. "Arenas can be the students' organizations. The takeaway is that execution is hard as it requires frameworks, methodologies, discipline, and resilience."

Ranked No. 17 by U.S. News and World Report, the executive MBA program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals by broadening students' knowledge in all business areas. Through exposure to diverse industries via their peers, students gain a comprehensive understanding of how finance, economics, strategic management, entrepreneurship, public policy, and marketing management affect various companies and industries.

"It's a place to network and be exposed to the core of management and business, as well as cutting edge knowledge by W. P. Carey's top faculty," Drummond says of the program. "W. P. Carey is a school where participant-centered and experiential learning methodologies are at the core of our students' experience. It's not an easy journey, but it will surely change your career."

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