Students living in Phoenix

300 sunny days await you as a student living in the Phoenix area. Outside of the notorious summers, it's a gorgeous place to live most of the year.

The price is right

Of course prices on everything have gone up since the Territorial Normal School (the precursor to ASU) was founded in 1885. But not everything moves at the same rate — or for the same reasons. Can you guess what the prices were then and now?

Word search: Spring 2019

This word search is all about show business. Print it out and use a highlighter. Circle the answers in your head. No matter how you do it, find the 18 words below — and enjoy yourself along the way.

Spot the difference: Flag it

The Sun Devils football team charged onto the field during the homecoming game Oct. 28, 2017, with tight end Jay Wilson holding the American flag. Can you find the five differences in these two photos?

Just for fun: Origami wearables

It's only money. Why not wear it? Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to make this tie — and show off your favorite currency.

Summer reading: six books on my nightstand about artificial intelligence

Who says school is out in summer? It’s the time to catch up — on reading. Here are six suggestions for books to read about technology.