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Department of Economics launches short paper competition

Effort encourages exploration of economics program and current events in the industry.

A new research paper competition offers economics students a chance to win up to $300 and be published in an ASU student-run economics journal.

"Our goal is to get students thinking and writing about economics, which hopefully leads to greater interest in pursuing economics as a major," says Kelvin Wong, clinical associate professor and executive director of undergraduate programs in the Department of Economics. "We also hope this will give our department more chances to interact with students outside of the classroom."

Students can choose any topic related to current events in economics and write a 600 to 1,500-word paper, which will be judged on its quality of analysis, writing, and originality. The Economics Review at ASU, a student-run organization founded in 2022, will review each entry, with economics professors providing a final review.

Professor Wong advises participants to think about the economic topics that interest them most.

"It might help to start with a central question that your paper is aiming to answer or a central problem that your paper will try to explain," he says. "Examples could include tackling the supply and demand of eggs during the current shortage or exploring what caused recent inflation and how effective policies have been in slowing it. Include any graphs or tables necessary to deliver your point."

There are two divisions for submissions. Students who are currently taking ECN312 and below are in Division A, while students who have completed ECN312 are in Division B. Papers entered into the wrong division can be disqualified. Additional rules for submission include:

  • Each student may only submit one paper.
  • Sources must be properly cited, using APA style, at the end of the paper (references do not count toward the 600 to 1,500-word limit).
  • Chatbots need not apply: Students with winning entries will be interviewed to ensure their work is original.
  • Submissions are due by March 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m., MST.
  • To submit a paper, email a Microsoft Word or Google Docs file to with the following subject line: Competition Division [Your Division] - [Your Name] [Article Title]

Winners will be notified on or before May 8, 2023. The first prize for each division is $300, the second prize is $175, the third prize is $100, and the fourth prize is $50. Funding for the prizes comes from the Centennial Professorship Award, which Professor Wong received in 2022. Top entries will also be considered for publication in The Economics Review at ASU.

Anyone with questions can email Professor Wong.

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