Several employees with laptops.

How can employee-facing technology improve your customer experience?

An ASU marketing expert discusses communicating and collaborating with employees when implementing new technologies.

In this podcast episode published Feb. 23, 2024, by Questions For Now — Compelling Perspectives On Digital CX:

Always bring the employees on board. Have them participate in the change. Have it [be] something that happens with them and not to them. So understanding how the employees can become part of the journey and rather than just, "Here's this thing, now do it," we have to really manage that as any other change process. For example, of course, you have to communicate and over-communicate with employees around "What is the goal? Why are we doing this?" We have to create incentives that make employees interested in using it. We have to create stories. I like to approach the culture perspective from stories of employees using it in a good way and making those front and center.

Thomas Hollmann, clinical associate professor of marketing

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