How San Diego secured its water supply, at a cost

A corner of Southern California, San Diego County, has mostly avoided supply-related issues as an increasing drought mandates millions of Californians to restrict their water use.

ASU study reveals groundwater generates 43 percent of state GDP

According to a study conducted by the Seidman Research Institute, Arizona’s groundwater use was responsible for generating about $1.2 trillion into the economy from 2010 to 2018 in the state’s five most populous regions: Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Pinal County, and Santa Cruz County.

Hazed and confused: New research reveals link between air pollution and dementia

A first-of-its-kind study by health care economists reveals another troubling concern about breathing smoke and dust in the atmosphere: long-term exposure to certain pollutants increases our risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers at ASU link air pollution to Alzheimer's disease

A recently released working paper by three economics professors makes the case that prolonged exposure to air pollution does not just cause respiratory problems, but also puts individuals at higher risk for dementia.

A new study links air pollution with Alzheimer’s

Environmental Protection Agency regulations have decreased pollutants we breathe. All the progress is about to be lost.

Air pollution may cause dementia, researchers find

A new study by professors of economics has linked breathing dirty air to developing Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers warn a common air pollutant is a driver of dementia

Pollution, even at levels considered safe under Environmental Protection Agency standards, are connected to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease in old age, according to new research.

ASU study details economic impact of Colorado River on basin states

Rocky Mountain News PBS quoted Research Professor Timothy James on a study from the L. William Seidman Research Institute about the economic impact of the Colorado River.