Picnic Development wins 2024 REIAC/Rockefeller Group Challenge

W. P. Carey Master of Real Estate Development students win competition for Mesa arts and entertainment project development proposal.

Built-to-rent communities find rapid success in Phoenix

ASU expert says the future of built-to-rent communities may depend on Arizona regulations and political environment.

Why is rent in Arizona so high?

The state's housing supply is behind by hundreds of thousands of units, ASU real estate expert says.

Building a "makerhood"

The addition of a rock climbing gym to the Tempe Maker District could bring activity to the area, ASU expert says.

Build-to-rent communities are sprouting up in the Valley as traditional homes become out of reach

An ASU real estate expert says build-to-rent projects make sense for companies financially, though the cost of labor, materials, and inflation are eating into that profit margin.

Out of Reach: As housing prices cool, homebuyers face competition from investors

For the past two years, housing prices have gone up in Phoenix. Now the hot market is cooling down. In the meantime, investors are taking advantage of the decreasing home costs. To learn about the current real estate market, The Show spoke with ASU real estate expert Mark Stapp.

Renters face difficult market as Chandler, county experience price increase

ASU real estate expert says people will be pushed out of their housing brackets and seek lower levels of housing prices.

How long will Arizona's hot housing market last?

An ASU real estate expert says the market is seeing a shift in demand and a few more homes available.

Valley farmland is disappearing — is that bad?

An ASU real estate expert says while agriculture was a main driver of the Valley’s economy for years, it might not be a bad thing if farmers and others are using Maricopa and Pima county land for what is needed most.

Why one of America’s largest tent cities sprang up in Phoenix

Over the past several months, a homeless encampment near downtown Phoenix has grown to about 1,000 people.