Renters face difficult market as Chandler, county experience price increase

ASU real estate expert says people will be pushed out of their housing brackets and seek lower levels of housing prices.

How long will Arizona's hot housing market last?

An ASU real estate expert says the market is seeing a shift in demand and a few more homes available.

Valley farmland is disappearing — is that bad?

An ASU real estate expert says while agriculture was a main driver of the Valley’s economy for years, it might not be a bad thing if farmers and others are using Maricopa and Pima county land for what is needed most.

Why one of America’s largest tent cities sprang up in Phoenix

Over the past several months, a homeless encampment near downtown Phoenix has grown to about 1,000 people.

Developers are flooding Arizona with homes even as historic Western drought intensifies

An ASU real estate expert points to various reservoirs that could replenish the groundwater but admits there is still a risk due to the sheer scale of development.

Arizona's hot housing market expected to continue into next year

ASU real estate professor says 'Nothing suggests this is a bubble. This is not going to bust.' Thanks to more people moving to the Valley because of employment growth more housing is needed to accommodate new residents.

Luxury housing market booming in Arizona

Real estate has been strong for several reasons. One is that unique, high-end homes are attracting wealthy people to the state because the pandemic has made living in the Valley more attractive to those who have the flexibility and money, according to real estate expert Mark Stapp.

Arizona entrepreneur lays the foundation for real estate ventures

For Jerry Coleman’s positive impact on the local economy through locally owned and operated businesses, the W. P. Carey School honored him with the 2020 Spirit of Enterprise Award.

Hear from successful real estate entrepreneur

Jerry Coleman, co-founder of several Arizona real estate businesses, keynotes ASU event honoring him for Spirit of Enterprise Award.

Metro Phoenix's eviction and foreclosure rates double U.S. average, new report says

Mark Stapp, director of the Master of Real Estate Development program, says a recently published study confirms Arizona's low-cost housing issue is more unfavorable than people in the Valley metro know.