Grocery costs are seeing historic highs, what's driving the prices higher?

Most of the inflation we're seeing is because of supply chain issues, according to an ASU supply chain expert. Additionally, taxes, the Ukraine-Russia war, labor shortages, and the high cost of fuel are making matters worse.

Inflation in metro Phoenix rises again; region stays No. 1 for highest rate in the country

The fuel-price spike was exacerbated by declines in private energy investments in recent years, including fuel-distribution networks in the West, explains Dennis Hoffman, director of ASU’s Office of the University Economist.

Valley families still left scrambling to find baby formula

An ASU supply chain expert explains there are four players that control close to 90% of the baby formula market. If any of them have a recall or other issue, 40% of the market gets affected. Until the shortage is resolved, he recommends not hoarding.

Scottsdale’s CrackerJax entertainment park sold to Arizona tech billionaire

Two longtime family entertainment businesses, Tempe’s Big Surf and Scottsdale’s CrackerJax, have been sold to large companies with plans to use the land for other purposes.

Best 0% APR credit cards, according to an ASU finance expert

An ASU finance expert answers six questions about 0% credit cards for WalletHub.

As inflation hits 8.5% nationally, it's even higher in Arizona. Here's what to know

How high is inflation in Arizona? Who, or what is to blame for it? An ASU economist answers, citing sharp housing price hikes around metro Phoenix and high gasoline prices.

Supply chains: Why sustainability is the best form of risk management

An ASU supply chain expert talks to GARP about how managing the sustainability of your supply chain is the best approach to risk management.

Phoenix real estate expert says housing bubble not likely to occur

An ASU real estate expert predicts a slower increase in home prices over the next few months, then some leveling off toward the end of the year. Arizona is still an attractive destination compared to California and other states.

U.S. inflation rose at fastest rate in 40 years, Valley grew even faster

The last time inflation was this high was in 1981, and the solution then was a severe tightening of credit that tipped the economy into recession, according to an ASU economist.

Phoenix suffers from population growth and a highest-in-the-nation inflation rate

CNBC’s Valerie Castro interviews an ASU economist about Phoenix, which is struggling with population growth and the highest inflation rate in the nation.