How companies use your information to get the most money from you

What can you do to make sure you’re getting a fair price online? An ASU information systems expert offers these three tips.

ASU and the Deloitte Foundation to fund scholarships for students pursuing a master's in accounting

In an effort to support a racially and ethnically diverse student population and help strengthen the pipeline of diverse CPA talent, the W. P.

Industries continue to boom across Arizona despite potential challenges for water and cost of living

More than 700,000 new jobs may be created in Arizona by the year 2030, and with that many people potentially moving to the Valley, the state is dealing with problems that could come with massive growth.

A Tempe family will soon move into a 3D printed house

Homeownership is becoming out of reach for more and more Arizonans. So Habitat for Humanity is betting on new technology to reduce construction costs. A family in Tempe will soon move into one of the first houses the organization has built using 3D printing.

ASU marketing expert sees future contraction in sports betting market

Bet Arizona chatted with an ASU marketing expert to find out how the state’s revenues have lived up to expectations and where the market could be headed.

With a turbulent Dow, what should you do with your 401(k) retirement account?

Exhale. That's the advice from several financial experts who said investors shouldn't do anything rash with their 401(k) retirement accounts amid a turbulent stock market.

Dark Web 101: What's there and why the government can't shut it down

Wade through the waters of the dark web and you'll find drugs, hitmen, and all sorts of disturbing imagery. But it's also a haven for privacy advocates.

In-house b-schools give firms MBAs with the skills they want

The proliferation of company-run programs shows universities aren’t keeping up with corporate needs.

ASU economist discusses the impact of inflation in the state

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve probably noticed the increase in food prices. New research shows that prices of meat, seafood, produce, cereal, and other foods shot up 9% in 2021.

How to survive when stocks behave badly

Diversified index funds that reflect the market as a whole are a much less risky way to invest in stocks and bonds than buying individual securities.