Potential effects of a Kroger-Albertsons merge for Valley shoppers

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Here’s what experts predict for Arizona economy in 2023

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Edward Prescott, Nobel Prize winning economist, dies at 81

Prescott was one of the most influential economists in the world. As a professor and the W. P. Carey Chair in Economics at ASU, he was a beloved and respected member of the business school community for 20 years.

2023 outlook from ASU and national economists

Speakers from across the country and region share what’s in store for the year ahead at the 59th annual ASU/PNC Bank Economic Forecast Luncheon.

U.S. sports betting industry in strong shape as Fubo Sportsbook exits scene

An ASU sports marketing expert isn't convinced consolidation is what’s happening in the wagering industry. He believes it has more to do with the power dynamics at play, between the major operators in the space, and those on the periphery.