Making the jump to homeownership from renting can be a daunting decision, not always the best one

An ASU real estate expert warns against having "unrealistic expectations." He says buyers need to understand the limits of their budget.

New push for Sen. Mark Kelly’s gas tax relief bill as prices surge

An ASU economist says the gas tax goes back decades and helped finance the freeway system across the U.S.

Arizona experts weigh in on rent control alternatives

There are other ways to help out struggling renters besides rent control that doesn't put the burden on landlords, says ASU real estate expert.

Money lessons to teach children for financial success

ASU finance expert says she sees a disconnect with her students and real-world money tips. Here are three lessons she says parents could share with their children.

Rising home, rent prices partially caused by lack of housing, experts say

When the Great Recession hit in 2008, Arizona’s booming construction industry was sidelined and has struggled to recover ever since, according to ASU economist.

Connecting academia and industry

ASU finds that certificate programs co-created by schools and corporations result in job-ready candidates.

Gas prices hit record high in Phoenix

Gas prices will continue to rise, ASU supply expert says, because supply chain issues that existed before the Ukraine conflict still aren’t fixed. And the addition of fighting in Eastern Europe creates additional logistics issues.

Valley non-profit putting $250K grant toward boosting employee pay

Competition for workers is fierce. ASU economist says the current unemployment rate is low — under 2.5% in the Phoenix metro area.

Expert expects supply chain issues to continue into 2023

As of January 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index had products such as meat, poultry, and eggs up 12% since the previous year.

ASU economist shares Fed forecast

To get a deeper understanding of everything that makes Federal Reserve rate hikes important, ASU economist Lee McPheters answers these questions, including whether the war in Ukraine affects the timing of the rate hikes.