An ASU partnership attempts to increase diversity in the real estate industry

Inequities go beyond who can buy or rent a home. There is also a lack of diversity in who works in the real estate industry. It's something Murphy Cheatham (MRED ’07) has experienced firsthand. He's hoping to change this with help from ASU.

Logistics Managers Index seeks upward trend after slump in early July

The beginning of July saw cooling in the logistics components that make up the Logistics Managers Index (LMI), a survey of those in charge of the supply chain for their organization. The index provides leading economic indicators to help economists access and predict economic changes.

China's supply chain is melting in extreme heat. Whose will be next?

Scorching heat has charred a big part of China, cutting factory power. It shows the new supply chain issues that await if we don’t adapt, including how goods are made and moved around the world, according to an ASU finance expert.

How to lower your car insurance premiums, according to an ASU finance professor

ASU finance expert shares the best way for drivers to lower their car insurance and how often to shop around for lower car insurance rates.

ASU Professor writes advice book for college students

ASU professor who was once a two-time college dropout, eventually went on to graduate with his master’s degree. Now he's been teaching at ASU for 20 years.

Are dollar stores the villains they’ve been made out to be?

As more and more of the stores open, it’s important to understand their impact on diets and local economies — and also the unique position they are in to help solve problems in our food systems.

A renaissance for ‘Made in America’?

Supply chain issues have more companies looking at manufacturing in the U.S. An ASU supply chain expert agrees that Mexico is a good alternative location for U.S. companies exiting China. However, a targeted approach to reshoring is important.

Out of Reach: As housing prices cool, homebuyers face competition from investors

For the past two years, housing prices have gone up in Phoenix. Now the hot market is cooling down. In the meantime, investors are taking advantage of the decreasing home costs. To learn about the current real estate market, The Show spoke with ASU real estate expert Mark Stapp.

Senate Democrats pass budget package, a victory for Biden

An ASU supply chain management expert spoke on the climate reform impact that the Inflation Reduction Act will have not just on Arizona but on the U.S.

ASU's new business dean to kick off fall 2022 Economic Club of Phoenix season

The Economic Club of Phoenix, hosted by the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, announces its autumn speaker lineup.