Eco policy lesson: Think things all the way through

While property-assessed clean energy programs make green home improvements more accessible, they also make obtaining home loans more challenging says an ASU accountancy expert.

Lead on: How the mantel of leadership impacts performance

An ASU management and entrepreneurship professor's research paper investigates how informal leadership impacts identity, stress, and job performance.

Green acts followed by bad acts: Could sustainability have a dark side?

ASU research follows New York City cab drivers to find out if green business decisions prompt people to be more or less honest.

Telework reduces workplace gender gap

New research finds that women who could switch to telework did so more than men during the pandemic, reducing gender inequality in unemployment rates.

A look at the logistics of making maritime shipping more profitable

Two ASU supply chain experts are starting a conversation about improving the competitive landscape of the maritime shipping industry.

Law students help shed light on audit litigation

An ASU professor found an accessible and affordable way to research audit litigation and disputes.

Giving begets gain when grocers share still-good perishables

ASU research shows that food retailers who donate perishable items to food banks significantly increase their profit margins.

How customer service chatbots increase companies’ value

Research shows that customers value the fast, personalized services provided by AI chatbots.

What’s in a tweet? The power of Twitter to predict bond market performance

An award-winning research team expands their analysis of Twitter from stock returns to the corporate bond market.

Your corporate legacy: Co-workers will decide if it lasts

New research by Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Tyler Sabey examines the durability of legacies in technology, policy, and corporate culture.