How trademarks reveal the hidden innovation of companies

A new study shows trademarks can be a better measure of innovation than patents for certain industries.

A match made in school

Matching the right teachers to the right students is important, according to a study from an ASU economist.

Corporate governance: Employees’ views matter

As sociopolitical change reshapes the corporate landscape, businesses are paying more attention to their employees.

Seeking reviews from online buyers? Ask later

Research from an information systems expert shows patience is a virtue in online reviews.

Who’s on first and last?

New research shows that looking at the big picture helps us appreciate where we are.

Finding the funding sweet spot

Machine learning helps predict crowdfunding project success based on the performance of past similar projects.

Team up or team down? How to deploy expertise in business teams

Innovative companies tend to concentrate talented employees in teams rather than spreading expertise across the organization. Research from ASU experts examines the implications of creating 'star teams' from groups of experts.

Better bloodlines: Data modeling improves Red Cross supply chain

Red Cross turned to W. P. Carey students and scholars to see if its warehouses were optimally placed for cost-effective operations.

A look at how political identity influences purchase preferences

New research found that conservatives are more likely to think that uglier produce might taste better or that appliances that are less technologically advanced may last longer.

The XX factor of innovation: Women managers

Corporations have long sought the elusive X factor: that one variable capable of ensuring a competitive advantage. Is it innovation? Flexibility? A dynamic leader? Research shows that firms might just benefit from the XX factor — the two X chromosomes representing female cells.