When humans talk to robots

Engineering seniors explore human-robot interactions with information systems professor.

Two new IS lecturers have ASU roots

W. P. Carey welcomed two new information systems lecturers this fall who have ASU roots and bring wide-ranging experience in industry and academia to the classroom.

Fall IS review: New enrollment record, new faculty, new publications, and more

Along with cooler weather and the start of football season, autumn’s arrival also brings back familiar clubs and workshops of the Department of Information Systems.

Text analysis 101: Profs create a primer to gain marketing insights

Text analysis research has been used to see how consumers feel about brands, where consumers are in their decision-making process, and more. So how does costly word choice come into play?

Teaching is personal for new IS professor

The W. P. Carey School of Business is "where business is personal." This school motto resonated with new Professor of Information Systems Hong Guo, as did the school’s values of access, excellence, and innovation. Meet her and learn why she believes teaching is personal in the classroom.

W. P. Carey welcomes two clinical professors to the IS department

Clinical professors bring real-world industry experience to academia and are depended on to keep the department up to date on the most current trends and practices.

New assistant professors bring diverse perspectives to IS department

Four new assistant professors come to W. P. Carey this year from different countries, bringing their unique cultures and backgrounds.

The myriad benefits of business school competitions

IS students win two awards: One for a successful chapter and the other for a real-world business solution.

Two longtime W. P. Carey information systems professors retire

As they retire in May, Uday Kulkarni and Robert Wood will leave a legacy at W. P. Carey, having affected the lives of thousands of students throughout their decades-long careers.

W. P. Carey student wins the 2022 Nike INSIDIOUS Hacking Competition

When faced with the challenge of hacking into a bank account, computer information systems junior Alexis DeVries searched the account holder's social media to find clues to the password reset security questions. It worked. That successful trick earned her 600 points and first place.