Unique W. P. Carey partnership launches 12-week digital consulting certificate

Faculty from the Department of Information Systems in ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business will provide instruction in a new certificate co-developed by the university and Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process services.

Software vs. software: How AI could find and fight video bots online

Information systems professors Victor Benjamin and Raghu Santanam are pitting software against software and hoping to help platform providers like YouTube and Instagram fight fake videos with insights from artificial intelligence.

How to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Professor and Chair of Information Systems Raghu Santanam says leaders will be required to be bold, have a long-term perspective, and possess an uncanny ability to pivot to succeed as we move into the future.

What it's like to intern

They are not all about serving coffee, making copies, and running errands. The active participation in an organization offers valuable, hands-on experience in exchange for motivation and time.

America’s Digital Goddess gives back to CIS women

The new Kim Komando CIS Scholarship is for female students in the W. P. Carey School who are majoring in computer information systems and have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Stay or stray: Which behavior strengthens online communities?

There are more groups and more goods for online community knowledge-sharing.

High-fives all around: Imagine Cup, professors’ promotions, and NSF grant

Information systems students and faculty have been thriving this fall semester, receiving awards, promotions, and research grants.

Crowdfunding success relies on friendly networks

Campaigns like 'Ice Bucket Challenge' are closely tied to social media connections, according to new research.

Students find career potential in research with faculty

There are groundbreaking studies coming out of the Department of Information Systems — such as studying the fuel burn rate of an aircraft and predicting when a patient with a history of heart failure will experience an acute or serious event.

Machine learning platforms: How they perform and why it matters

Professor of Information Systems Asim Roy’s research may help practitioners pick a platform to buy and use. For the rest of us — those who rely on machine learning daily — he offers insight into our digital helpers.