W. P. Carey celebrates 3 faculty promotions

Professors look forward to continuing their work educating students about the information systems field.

The download: Latest IS news

There are four things you should know about what's new in the Department of Information Systems.

What a return to campus reflects

A lot has been accomplished in the Department of Information Systems over the past few years despite the pandemic.

Business and engineering students join forces to form Robodevils

While the use of robotics in business has been steadily growing across industries, not many in academia are devoting research time to ways in which robots can improve business.

W. P. Carey welcomes industry veterans to information systems faculty

Instructional faculty, or clinical professors, are relied upon for the department’s teaching mission. IS also depends on these professors and lecturers to bring real-world industry experience to the classrooms.

W. P. Carey welcomes four assistant professors of information systems

The research endeavors of the information systems department at W. P. Carey just got a boost from the addition of four new assistant professors.

What’s it worth? Researchers examine how patients value star ratings in health care

Professor and Chair of Information Systems Raghu Santanam and research colleagues overwhelmingly found that patients are willing to pay more for higher-quality health care based on star ratings.

Classroom cupid strikes at W. P. Carey

Assistant professors of information systems, Victor Benjamin and Xiao Liu, started off as students and now work side by side at W. P. Carey.

Student influences robotics in business

Partnership inspires information systems professor to develop a newfound passion for robotics in business research.

Finding value in online communities and knowledge sharing

Professor of Information Systems John Zhang automates the task of untangling right or useful answers from unhelpful ones in online communities.