ASU alumna and founder of the Pauline Foundation shares her start-up success

Pauline Nalumasi's (BS Accountancy '18) nonprofit provides skills training and scholarships to exploited women and children in Uganda and supports rural farmers.

Helens Hope Chest: How two ASU alumna built a non-profit to benefit foster children

ASU alumni pour hard work and passion into thriving nonprofit groups.

ASU alumna starts non-profit for entrepreneurs and businesses on the Hopi and Navajo reservations

Jessica Stago (BS Economics '01), a co-founder of Change Labs, works with businesspeople on Native American reservations, who often don't think of themselves as entrepreneurs.

Alumna uses fruit to offer dependable income opportunities in Ghana

Private donations and corporate partnerships helped make it possible for Ghana-born Freda Sarfo (MS-GL '19) to start Tropical Almond, which gives mothers reliable income, saves trees, and donates high-protein snacks to hungry children.

Daring to lead in 2021 and beyond

The W. P. Carey Alumni Book Club loved reading Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™, which encourages us to rumble with vulnerability, live into our values, brave trust, and learn to rise — all lessons relevant to the increasingly uncertain times we now navigate together.

Arizona entrepreneur lays the foundation for real estate ventures

For Jerry Coleman’s positive impact on the local economy through locally owned and operated businesses, the W. P. Carey School honored him with the 2020 Spirit of Enterprise Award.

Alumni Profile: From an MBA to Mattel

Since 2015, Akanksha Mohla has worked for Mattel, in the global sales, inventory, and operations planning unit. Based in Los Angeles, Akanksha's current role is a long way from her life in Mumbai, her home prior to coming to the W. P. Carey School of Business for graduate school.

4 family members, 4 MBAs, and 4 unique experiences

Jim Millecam, Nathan Millecam, Camille Millecam-Whiting, and Jason Weber have more in common than being part of the same family. They’re all W. P. Carey graduates.

My 2 cents: Work-life balance while working remotely

Amanda Holt (MBA '08), who is head of client services and operations at marketing and advertising agency Amazowl in Phoenix, has worked remotely for 15 years. Here's her advice for maintaining work-life balance when home is also your place of work.

Succeeding despite COVID-19

COVID-19 took everyone by storm, but when businesses asked how to handle it, Rebecca Clyde (MBA ’02) had the solution.